PH.D Thesis Supervised (1997--)

Inst. of Electronics, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C.

1.     Jan Kristanto Wibisono 韋瑞安, Lightweight Deep Learning Models for Image Edge Detection, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, January 2021.

2.     Chao-Hsiung Hung洪朝雄, Directional Wavelet-based Image and Video Coding, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, October 2012.

3.     Jang-Jer Tsai蔡彰哲, Pattern-based Block Motion Estimation: Modeling, Algorithm Design, and Video Coding Applications, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, November 2010.

4.     Chia-Yang Tsai蔡家揚, Source Modeling and Rate-Distortion Optimization in Scalable Wavelet Video Coder, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, October 2010.

5.     Hung-Chih Lin林鴻志, Fast Encoding Algorithm Design forH.264/MPEG-4 AVC Scalable Video Coding Standard, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, June 2010.

6.     Kao-Lung Huang黃國隆, Picture Quality Control Strategies for Dependent Video Coding, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, April 2009

7.     Feng-Cheng Chang 張峰誠, Digital Image Retrieval and Scalable Media Protection, Ph.D. Dissertation, NCTU, May 2006

8.     Cheng-Han Yang楊政翰, Efficient Coding Strategies for Advanced Audio Coding, June 2005

9.     Chih-Wei Tang唐之瑋, Enhanced Detection Performance Design for Robust Digital Image Watermarking, Aug. 2004

10.     (Co-advisor: Prof. J.-S. Pan 潘正祥教授) Hsiang-Cheh Huang 黃祥哲, Genetic-Based Image Algorithms for Image Compression Classification and Watermarking, June 2001.

11.     (Co-advisor: Prof. C.-H. Wei 魏哲和教授) Chi-His Su 蘇季希, Global Motion Estimation and Combined Source and Channel Coding for Image Transmission, April 2000.

12.     Sheu-Chih Cheng 鄭守志, The Impact of Video Coding Algorithms on MPEG IC Design, January 1998.

13.     Hou-Chun Ting , Edge Orientation-Directed Interpolation of Digital Images and Its Applications, December 1997.

14.     (Co-advisor: Prof. W.-T. Chang 張文鐘教授) Yung-Ming Chou 周永銘, A Study of Frequency Component Motion Estimation and Deformable Mesh Video Coding, June 1997.

15.     (Co-advisor: Prof. D. W. Lin 林大衛教授) Jiann-Jone Chen 陳建中, Optimal Bit Allocation and Image Quality Control for Video Coding and Transmission, February 1997.