IEE 5588 (2011 Spring)

適應性訊號處理(Adaptive Signal Processing)

Instructor: Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (杭學鳴教授)
Office: ED609 x 31861
Email: hmhang@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: 1EF, 3B, EDB22

Office hours:
10:00pm-12:00noon Monday; 1:30pm-3:30pm Wednesday (ED609)
Please make an appointment in advance (請儘可能事先預約時段)

Teaching Assistant:
李讀修 (ED529, x 54228) (Office hours: Thursday EF) (doom8199@commlab.tw)

Course Description:
The goal of this course is to introduce to seniors and graduate students the principles and applications of adaptive signal processing. Adaptive signal processing has a wide variety of applications, particularly, in digital communication systems, radar, biomedical engineering and others. This course provides a compressive coverage of the basic principles of adaptation. It covers various adaptive signal processing algorithms such as the LMS algorithm and some applications, such as adaptive interference canceling, noise cancellation, etc.

* This course may be lectured in English if it is requested by the students. (如有需求,本課程可能用英語授課。)

Text book:
B. Farhang-Boroujeny, Adaptive Filters: Theory and Applications, Wiley 1998.

Recommended Readings::
(1) B. Widrow and S. Stearns, Adaptive Signal Processing, Prentice Hall, 1985.
(2) A.H. Sayed, Adaptive Filters, Wiley-Interscience, 2008.
(3) S. Haykin, Adaptive Filter Theory, 4th Ed. Prentice-Hall, 2002.

Homework: 15 % (6 HW sets)
Matlab exercises and reports: 25% (3-4 exercises)
Final Examine: 30% (2 hours, two pages of A4 size notes)
Final project (oral and written report): 30%

Signals & Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Stochastic Processes (Principles of Communication Systems, Digital Communications)

* Syllabus

(1) Introduction (updated 3.03)
(2) Random Signals (updated 3.03)
(3) Wiener Filters
(4) Search Methods (updated 4.12)
(5) Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
(6) Lattice Adaptive Filters
(7) Least-Squares Algorithm (pp.9-12, updated: 5/15)
(8) Fast RLS Algorithm
(9) Block Implementation of Adaptive Filters

(1) HW1 (updated; Due date: 3.23)
(1S) HW1 Sols
(2) HW2 (Due date: 4.27)
(2S) HW2 Sols (updated)

(3) HW3 (Due date: 5.16)
(3S) HW3 Sols
(4) HW4 matlab code: rlsI (Due date: 5.25)
(4S) HW4 Sols

Final Report:
* Topics
* List

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