IEE7582 (2020 Spring)

數位通訊 (Digital Communication)

Instructor: Prof. Che-Ho Wei (魏哲和教授)
Office: ED541 x 31852
Email: chwei@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: 3EFG,EDB01

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Course Description:
This course is for first-year graduate students major in electrical/electronic engineering The students will be familiar with the signal processing and error control techniques for modern digital communication systems . The course will cover the following topics : overview of digital communication systems, random process and optimal filtering , communication channels, baseband digital transmission, passband digital transmission, synchronization and equalization, errol control coding , spread spectrum and CDMA , OFDMA techniques, multiantenna systems , advanced wireless network.


Reference Web Site:

Text book:
1. Proakis, J.G. and Salehi , M., Digital Communications , 5th Ed., McGraw- Hill ,2008 .

2. Haykin, S. Digital Communication Systems, Wiley ,2013

Recommended Readings::


Communication systems (undergraduate), Linear algebra, probability , Signal and systems


All the class notes files require a password to open and read. The password is provided in the first lecture.



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