IEE7731 (2014 Fall)

數位影像處理(Digital Image Processing)

Instructor: Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (杭學鳴教授)
Office: ED209 (ED609) x 31861
Email: hmhang@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: 1EF,ED301; 4H,ED202

Office hours (need appointment): Wednesday 3:30pm -- 5:30pm (ED209); Friday 1:30pm -- 3:20pm (ED209)

Teaching Assistant:

Course Description:
This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of digital image processing. It covers principles and algorithms used in various image processing applications. Topics include image representation, human visual system, image filtering, restoration, enhancement, segmentation and compression. The course is featured with a series of computer exercises that provide practical experiences on processing digital images using C language and MATLAB. (The lectures are in English.)


By Prof. Sheng-Jyh Wang (王聖智教授) with slight modifications

Reference Web Site:
Image Processing Place.com

Text book:
R.C. Gonzalez and R.E. Woods, Digital Image Processing, 3rd edition, Pearson Education, 2008.

Recommended Readings::
(1) A.N. Netravali and B.G. Haskell, Digital Pictures, 2nd Ed., Plenum Press, 1995.
(2) R.C. Gonzalez, R.E. Woods, and S.L. Eddins, Digital Image Processing Using Matlab, 2nd Ed., McGraw Hill, 2009.
(3) A. Bovik, The Essential Guide to Image Processing, Academic Press, 2009.
(4) R. Szeliski, Computer Vision, Springer-Verlag, 2011

Homework: 50% (~ 4 computer assignments)
Final project: 25%
Examine: 25% (2 hours, open book)

Calculus, Linear algebra, Probability, Signals & Systems, and DSP; programming in C/C++ and Matlab


(1) HW1 (updated 10/02) (Due: Oct.16)
(2) HW2 (updated 10/21) (Due: Nov.10)
Test images
(3) HW3 (Due: Dec 1)
HW3 solutions
(4) HW4 (updated 12/02) (Due: extended to Dec 22)

Term Project:
* Term Project (updated 2015/1/07) (Due: Jan 19)
Test images Original images
* Ultra Test Images (Jan. 15)

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