IEE 5722 (2010 Spring)

多媒體通訊 (Multimedia Communications)

Instructor: Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (杭學鳴教授)
Office: ED609 x 31861
Email: hmhang@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: Hours-Classroom: 1GHY-ED101

Office hours:
1:30pm-3:30pm Monday
Please make an appointment in advance (請儘可能事先預約時段)

Teaching Assistant:
林鴻志 (ED422, x 54231) (huchlin@gmail.com)

* 期末成績 (Updated:6/30) -- 多媒體通訊學期成績如有任何問題,務必於7月2日(畢業生6月30日)中午前與我連繫。逾期不更改成績。祝暑假愉快!

(Please check your score. If you have any question, you MUST contact me before the noon time (12:noon) of July 2 (Friday). (For the students graduated in this semester, the due date is June 30). The scores will not be changed after July 2.)

Course Description:
This course provides a compressive coverage of the multimedia communication systems. Various key technologies such as speech/audio compression, image/video compression, digital transmission, multimedia over networks, multimedia security, and multimedia database systems are introduced. Particularly, the international standards on multimedia representation and processing are discussed in depth. In addition, the digital broadcast TV (DVB, ATSC) and MPEG system standards are also included. 
Text book:
Class notes

3 Homework: 35 % (including 2 computer assignments, 15% each)
Midterm Examine: 30% (2 hours, open book)
Final Project and Report: 35% (computer assignment and paper study and report)


Recommended Readings:

1. K. R. Rao et al., Introduction to Multimedia Communications, John Wiley & Sons, 2006.
2. J.-N. Hwang, Multimedia Networking: From Theory to Practice, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
3. 戴顯權等,多媒體通訊, 滄海書局, 2008.
4. K. Sayood, Data Compression, 3rd ed., Morgan Kaufman, 2006.

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