多媒體通訊(Multimedia Communications)

(2009 Fall)

Instructor: Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (杭學鳴教授)
Office: 交通大學工四館609室 (03)5712121 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (03)5712121      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (03)5712121      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext31861
Email: hmhang@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: Thursday 9am-12pm, 科技大樓332
Course Code: 5905158

* 學期成績如右檔,如有任何問題,請於1月22日(週五)10am前和我連絡更正,逾期不更改學期。 -- 學期成績

課程概述(Course Description):

This course provides a compressive coverage of the multimedia communicationsystems. Various key technologies such as speech/audio compression, image/video compression, digital transmission, multimedia over networks, multimedia security, and multimedia database systems are introduced. Particularly, the international standards on multimedia representation and processing are discussed in depth. In addition, the digital broadcast TV (DVB, ATSC) and MPEG system standards are also included.

3 Homework: 35% (including 2 computer assignments in C, 15% each)
Midterm Examine: 30% (Nov 12, 2009; 2 hours, open book)
Final Project: 35% (select a topic from a given list)


"道爾頓(John Dalton, 1766-1844, 化學原子論開創者) 認為講義是用來鼓勵(引導)學生的,不能取代學生自己的探索。" 張文亮: 回到起初, p.109, 時報出版 2003.
(John Dalton: Classnotes are meant for guiding students; they should not replace the students' own quest for knowledge.)


Recommended Readings:

(1) H.-M. Hang and J.W. Woods, ed., Handbook for Visual Communications, Academic Press, 1995.
(2) Y. Q. Shi and H. Sun, Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering, 2nd Ed., CRC Press, 2008.
(3) K.R. Rao, et al., Intr. to Multimedia Communications, John Wiley & Sons, 2006.
(4) J.-N. Hwang, Multimedia Networking: From Theory to Practice, Cambridge University Press, 2009.
(5) 戴顯權等,多媒體通訊, (3rd Ed.?), 滄海書局, 2008. (2nd Ed, 紳藍出版社, 2003)

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