IEE 7745(2011 Fall)

訊源編碼 ( Source Coding)

Instructor: Prof. Hsueh-Ming Hang (杭學鳴教授)
Office: ED609 x 31861
Email: hmhang@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Lecture: 1EF-ED301, 4HY-ED525

Office hours: Tuesday 1:30pm -- 3:30pm; ED609

Teaching Assistant: 劉峻利 Chun-Li Liu, ED422, ringo.cl.liu@gmail.com

Course Description:
This course introduces the basic theory and various techniques used in multimedia compression. It covers both lossless and lossy coding but with a higher percentage on the latter. We emphasize on the funda-mental principles of the compression techniques used for different types of data such as speech, audio, image and video. Also covered briefly are popular compression standards such as JPEG and MPEG.


Text book:
Class notes.
K. Sayood, Intro. to Data Compression, 3rd Ed., Morgan Kaufman, 2006.

Recommended Readings::
(1) J.-R. Ohm, Multimedia Communication Technology, Springer, 2004.
(2) Y. Q. Shi, H. Sun, Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering, 2nd ed, CRC Press, 2008.
(3) D. Salomon, Data Compression: The Complete Reference, Springer, 2007.

Homework: 35 % (~3 HW Sets (10%) + 2 Computer (25%))
Final Examine: 30% (2 hours, closed book, two pages of (one-sided) A4 notes)
Term Project: 35% (15 mins each person; two persons as a group select a topic from a given list)

Signals and Systems, Commu. Systems, Digital Image Proc.

* Syllabus

(1) Introduction
(2) Information Theory and Quantization
(3) Lossless Coding
(4) Human Visual
(5) Transform Coding (JPEG)
(6) Predictive Coding (Speech Coding)
(7) Subband and Human auditory system
(8) Audio Coding
(9) Motion estimation
(10) Video Coding (MPEG/ITU Video)
(11) Recent Progress (AVC, HEVC, 3DVC)

Homework Assignments:
(1) HW1 (Due: Oct.13)
HW1 Solutions
(2) computer HW2 (Due: Oct.24)
iid data; markov data
(3) HW3 (updated:10/27) (Due: Nov.3)
HW3 Solutions

(4) computer HW4 (Due: Nov.21)
lena; pepper; baboon
(5) Term Project (Updated: 2011/12/05; Due: Jan 13, 2012)
Claire; Flower; Other Files

Reference Readings:
(1) Pearlman Chapter
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